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professor Yungoo Song

Professor Yungoo Song

joined Yonsei University in 2000. His research scopes include mineralogical approaches of geoscience fields to better understand the geological phenomena.

Professor Song has got some specialties in identification and quantification of silicate clays, microtexture analysis using polarized microscope, SEM, TEM, and 3D micro-CT image, and mineral chemistry using EPMA and LA-ICP-MS analysis.


  • Ph.D. in Clay Mineralogy, Dept. of Geology, Yonsei University, 1995.
  • M.S. in Metamorphic Petrology, Dept. of Geology, Yonsei University, 1988.
  • B.S. in Geology, Dept. of Geology, Yonsei University, 1986.

Research Interest

  • Fault activation/reactivation timing determination using illite-age analysis(IAA)
  • Moving sense analysis of active fault plane using shape preferred orientation(SPO) of 3D micro-CT image
  • Microtexture characterization of rocks and minerals to reveal the precipitation, alteration, mineral-fluid interaction, internal textures of minerals
  • Magma and magmatic-hydrothermal fluid evolution related to tectonics based on trace/REEs mineral chemistry
  • Interstratification of layer silicates, such as illite-smectite interstratification
  • Crystal structure characterization using molecular orbital simulation (MOS)
  • Clay mineral applications, including antimicrobial-clay composites for medical target therapy