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Mineralogy & Experiments

Fault activation event can be determined by plotting the results of the optimized illite-polytype quantification and the K-Ar age-dating results of clay fractions separated from the fault clays.

Soils and Geomorphology

The lecture will give a basics for 1) definition of soil, soil forming processes, and soil classification, 2) physical, chemical, and mineralogical properties, and 3) how the properties change in the surface environment of the earth system

Experiments in Earth System Sciences

Lecture on the principles of polarized microscope, and the basics for the identification of minerals and rocks, and the description of rocks and their occurrences using polarized microscope, scanning electron microscope, and X-ray diffraction.

Ore Deposits

Understanding the ore-forming processes, including definition and classification scheme for ore deposits, igneous ore-forming processes, magmatic-hydrothermal ore-forming processes, hydrothermal ore-forming processes, surficial and supergene ore-forming processes, and sedimentary ore-forming processes